In the FIRST novel of its kind, pilot and author Glenn A. Bell tells the story of military "Civilian Contractors," while intertwining recent activities of North Korea, Somalia, Israel, and Iran. Order TODAY and Receive My FREE Bonus Gift!

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You may have seen offers before, but this one is extra special! This one comes with the realism of action described by a real Cobra Attack Helicopter pilot. The action you take today can truly change your understanding and appreciation of the life of pilots and their support personnel.

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Back to Somalia

I personally invite you to join me in helping us manifest my vision of shining a huge spotlight on the dangers of allowing the piracy off Somalia to continue unabated. Every bit of this offer is designed to entertain and enlighten you! I am convinced that my book will leave you with a sense of wonder at the brave heroics of our military officers and enlisted men while risking everything to carry out the marching orders of the United States.

But there's an even BIGGER PURPOSE to this Promotion... Let Back to Somalia open your eyes to the possibility of a nuclear attack on Israel arriving from the sea.

Learn why this novel is so different and special:

The action is written by a retired pilot (both U.S. Army helicopters and civilian jets).

Learn how military air-to-ground missions are planned in great detail prior to launching.

Go through the checklist item for item with the pilots while preparing aircraft for take-off.

Experience the operational procedures to fire various weapons systems on a Cobra Attack Helicopter.

Learn what it's like to be at the controls of a massive dual rotor Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopter while performing Special Operation missions at night while donning night vision goggles.

Experience the thrill of flying a Boeing 737 on an approach into a small airfield at night in Ethiopia.

Meet a new action hero in the form of a Cajun from Louisiana who dearly loves Community dark roast coffee, spicy Cajun food, and Southern pecan pie.

There is a touching love story here too!

I'm so convinced you'll not only like this book, you'll love it. In addition, you'll be laughing at Ethan Breaux, the quirky Cajun, as he pulls off a miracle. You'll love this novel so much, maybe you'll grab your friends a copy too!

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Action, Suspense and Middle East Mayhem in Back to Somalia . . .

March 29, 2010

Author Glenn Bell uses his career experience as a pilot to put his readers right into the cockpit of a Boeing 737 or a Cobra Attack helicopter next to Ethan Breaux as this Louisiana bred hero fights to squash a nuclear threat and to rescue Savannah, the love of his life, from Islamic terrorists.

In his new action novel, Back to Somalia, author Glenn Bell gives his readers the ride of their lives as they follow Ethan Breaux, veteran Special Ops pilot, on his super secret nuclear weapon rescue mission, a covert operation too controversial even for the U.S. Army to perform themselves.

A North Korean nuclear weapon has been stolen on its way to a dangerous Middle East regime by Somali pirates at the behest of a Hezbollah Islamic terrorist. The CIA tries to recruit Special Ops expert pilot Ethan Breaux, nicknamed "Cajun," but Ethan is finally and reluctantly persuaded to take on the wild mission only when he learns the love of his life, Savannah, is being held on the outskirts of Ethiopia with another nurse to treat wounded Islamic soldiers.

Ethan brings together his old Special Ops buddies from their days in Iraq to carry out the action filled mission that starts in England and moves to Oman and then on to the Cradle of Mankind in the depths of darkest Africa.

The vivid descriptions of a hair raising instrument approach at midnight of a Boeing 737 into a tiny airfield in Ethiopia or of a Cobra Attack helicopter firing rockets at an enemy target could only be drawn by a veteran pilot like Glenn Bell who knows from his own experience what it feels like to pull the trigger himself.

In the daring adventure, Back to Somalia, Cajun, (ex Special Ops), takes on a dangerous mission at the request of the CIA but first and foremost because his love, Savannah is kidnapped and forced to help the enemy. He gathers up a bunch of his Special Ops buddies and travels to Somalia to retrieve a North Korean nuclear weapon linked to terrorism.

This is an action-packed read! The author's great detail of the military skirmishes will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat!

Midwest Book Review

April 10, 2010

Enemies never retire, so good men never retire either. Back to Somalia tells the story of retired Special Forces agent than Breaux as he finds himself embroiled in a far reaching plot that throws the Middle East and Africa into the concerns of the world safety at large. But, driven more than anything else is Ethan's love, kept by terrorists in Ethiopia. Back to Somalia is a fun action and adventure read.

Joe Kindrich

February 19,2010

I really must say, I am really enjoying your book. I'm half way through and haven't had the free time on my side to read. But when I sit down to read, it's hard to put it down. It's definitely a page turner. I'm impressed, I really like the book. You did a great job, so far, and I'm anxious to see what happens with the nuke, the pirates (and the Koreans who want to work for the pirates), Savannah (will Cajun find her again?). I can't wait to find out. It's a fabulous story. Good job!

Teresa Konopka's Book Reviews

March 16, 2010
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Back to Somalia by Glenn A. Bell falls under the militaristic adventure category. It is about a pilot that goes to Somalia at the request of the CIA. He must rescue a bomb in Somalia that is linked to terrorism. Things get heated when the pilot's beau is kidnapped and forced to help the enemy. The setting changes but is not too hard to keep up with. The narration describes how an aircraft takes off and lands in great detail, but, unfortunately, no aerodynamics are heavily discussed. This book has a nice balance between dialog and straight prose, and the ending is not too predictable. Overall, for those that relish adventure and don't have anything against the United States army, this book will not let them down. However, due to the nature of the story, this book is not intended for small children.
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